Hi, my name is Edwin Bartunek.

I help build the web.

I am a software engineer, focused on creating accessible, user friendly software platforms on the web. I am also obssesed with pizza and coffee!

Currently, I am working at Rakuten.

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My Latest Blog Post

A Poem from a Slam Poetry Unit

Published on 7/4/2019

    Boat on a lake

    A poem written for a slam poetry performance.

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    Poetry of the Night

    Published on 2/13/2014

      A close up picture of a sidewalk pattern with a shadow of two people

      A poem to enjoy that I wrote at night while living in Japan.

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      My Recent Projects

      A Web Application


      A new application that is to be released in the future. Stay tuned when I can release more details.

      The technologies includes:

        Rakuten Logo

        Made for:


        A computer with code

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